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3rd Power Family Soul

Mike, Morphues, Blackenstien

Mike Smith (Blak N. Stein) - Bass & Vocals

Founder: of the "3rd Power Family Soul band"  an accomplished musician, composer and funk master. His lineage expands the years of timeless passion pass down from his musical family. His first love, Drums, which soon evolved into Bass. His love for the Bass is heavily influenced by some of the all time greats of our time, Marcus Miller, Stanley Clark and many others. Mikes brilliant style of play, and his uncompromising creativity, truly invokes the sounds of an era, that is as relevant today, as it was then.

"It is not a Pastime, It's a way of Life"

Diane J. Yates (Mama'san) - lead vocalist

Mama'san, a queen in her own right, delivering funky soulful vocal riffs of R&B and Soul while maintaining the sultry smooth sounds of the ladies before her. It's no wonder the crowds love her, as she electrifies her audience by bringing crowd pleasing lyrics, as she welcomes them into her world. Mama'san has been entertaining fans, friends  and family for decades.


She is the quintessential vocalist in the class of  R&B and Soul and continuously lays the foundation for generations to come. Loyal and in-charge.!

Mama so smooth.
Ike always in control.

Efrem Yates  Guitar and background vocals

Efrem, has been bringing the chops, and rhythm of the guitar groove to his fans for quite some time. Heavily influenced by the sounds of the 70s and the 80s, this guitarist passion, allows his syncopated rhythms and chops to breathe life into the music unexpectedly taking it to the next level. 

" There are no small parts, Only great music "

Derrick Wright (Biszbeatz) - Drummer

BiszBeatz is definitely "On the One" bringing that feel good flavor that only exist deep within the pocket. It's not an exact science, but when it happens, everyone knows it. Collaborating with his bassist and choosing his moments, the music takes on a magical new groove. Sustaining, Inspiring  and down right funky.


His roots began in The Church of God In Christ (COGIC) where there was no shortage in talent and was then greatly influenced by some of the greats. Billy Cobham,Buddy Rich and more..

Bisz Bizzy Beats
Dollar Bill

Bill Leporte (Dollar) - Keyboards

Dollar Bill, charismatic, energetic and blah blah blah. This New York native has what it takes to rock the house.

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